At CACM we have one clear mission, to assist our investor families to continue living a prosperous life in the U.S. through advanced wealth planning.

CACM provides access to strategic partners with expertise in areas that we believe are important to our investors: tax strategies, trust & estate planning, investment management, risk management and real estate.

We know that your portfolio design and investment policy must be centered around your views and circumstances with respect to:

  • Return and spending requirements, and liquidity needs
  • Risk tolerance
  • Cross-border tax planning
  • Investment horizon
  • Housing & education costs
  • Retirement, health care, and other individual circumstances
  • Family estate planning, including legal structures and requirements

We Want to help You Achieve

Long-Term Financial Security

Because our objective is to help our investors achieve long-term financial security, we aim to capture the entire picture of their family wealth. This goes far beyond specific financial investment or estate planning and into the realm of our investors’ most important values, relationships and lifelong goals.

This is especially true of CanAm’s investors as they establish and begin to plan their lives in the United States. CACM strives to help our investors by utilizing the investment and legal tools available in the United States to preserve and grow their family’s wealth.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, the SEC has issued an order under section 206A of the investment advisors act of 1940 allowing for an additional 45 days for filing of the firms annual ADV and accompanying updates. CanAm Capital will be accepting this extension to in order to file the most complete and accurate submission possible. We expect to deliver this no later than the week of April 30-May 7.

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We listen to your needs

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