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Private Equity Real Estate: What do investors need to know about taxes?

By CanAm Enterprises | August 1, 2019

Investors are attracted to private equity real estate funds for the potential to grow wealth through appreciation in value and income. Private equity investments also offer added tax advantages compared to some other investment alternatives, such as the ability to use expenses, depreciation and interest deductions to offset gains. The […]

Understanding Private Equity Real Estate Investing Strategies

By CanAm Enterprises | June 10, 2019

Individuals who are buying stocks or mutual funds often look to descriptive labels – growth, income and value – to quickly understand the scope of that investment.  Private equity real estate funds also are separated into distinct categories that make it easier for investors to understand the strategy, objectives, risk level […]

Is Private Equity Real Estate Investment Right for You?

By CanAm Enterprises | June 3, 2019

Owning property – whether it is an apartment building, vacant land or a parking garage – is a strategy that has been used to build wealth for generations. Real estate investment can offer an opportunity for individuals to generate income, long-term capital gains and asset appreciation, while still preserving their […]

CanAm Capital Partners Closes Private Equity Investment in Atlanta

By CanAm Enterprises | May 31, 2019

CanAm Capital Partners (“CACP”), an affiliate of CanAm Enterprises, is pleased to announce that it has closed another private equity investment.  CACP has invested $2.5 million in the renovation of 1375 Peachtree, a creative office complex in the Midtown submarket of Atlanta, GA with a project budget of approximately $104 million.  […]

CanAm Capital Partners Announces Its Opportunity Zone Equity Investment Deal Closing: The Civic

By CanAm Enterprises | March 12, 2019

CanAm Capital Partners (“CACP”), an affiliate of CanAm Enterprises, is proud to announce that its recent private equity investment deal closed. CACP has invested $4 million in the development of The Civic, a mixed-use property in Philadelphia with a project budget of approximately $26.8 million. CACP’s investors may be eligible […]

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